Makeup Mania: My Favourite Beauty Products Spring 2014

Chances are high that if you love beautiful jewelry, you also love beauty products – just like me. I don’t know if I want to go as far as to entitle myself to be a beauty junky, because honestly, there are days I don’t even moisturize my skin, and just go outside “naked”, and no, I don’t mean without clothes or after spending 2 hours in the bathroom for that perfect “nude” look. But there are other days I just love to dive deep into colors, textures, products and all things beauty, so it is no surprise that the stash of my beauty products is ever growing.

Today I am very excited to announce the first post for my new Makeup Mania category. From now and then, I want to present you my top three favourites of the moment, tested and honestly reviewed by yours trouly. These are actually products I use and love, not just a random assortment of fancy products that are “trending” on the world wide web.

My three beauty faves for Spring 2014


1.) None Of Your Beeswax Lipbalm by Lush

None of your beeswax is a vegan lipbalm. Instead of beeswax which is commonly used in many lipbalms, it’s ingredients feature coconut oil and shea butter. I just love the fresh lemon smell of it, It comes in a cute tin pan which fits perfectly even in the smallest pockets – some people say that this application might not be as hygenic as applicating lipbalm from a stick, but I have no problems with this. My lips are always a bit on the dry side, and “None of your Beeswax” really reliefes and softens the skin. So kiss dry lips goodbye!

2.) KIKO False Lashes Concentrate Building Base Mascara

Another recent discovery is this miraculous base mascara. My lashes are neither very long nor very thick, so I have to cheat a little bit and support Mother Mature. This base mascara does wonders to boost your dramatic glance – just apply one or two coats first, then add your favourite mascara on top and you are ready for that seductive look!

3.) Urban Decay Primer Potion

The must have for hooded eyes! If you have been following beauty blogs for a while, this one might be an oldie for you, but I think it still is a goldie. My eyes are unfortunately heavily hooded, and no matter how much eyeshadow I use or how thouroughly I apply it, without a primer all of the glory creases in my lidfold within mere minutes. This is especially devastating for performance eye make up or the heavy make up I wear on trade shows and events where I sell my jewelry, which often last several hours if not the whole day.

I have experimented with many primers, and to be honest, nothing stood a chance against this wonderpotion. The only problem with this is that it is not easy to get in Europe and the price tag is on the higher side. But one tube lasts a long time for many applications.

What are your beauty favourites? Let me know in the comments!

Bindis – An Introduction

I hope you all have landed save and sound in this wonderful 2014. For me, 2014 began with a bit of hiccups – me and the family were still sick with a bad flu, so I had the feeling that the start of 2014 delayed a bit – this is also the reason why Peacock Day was cancelled last week – with both hubby and the child sick at home it was hard for me to find some time to write.

But with the family now back to kindergarden and back to work, everything runs a bit smoother. The first orders for 2014 arrived and are made (featuring a gorgeous Newmoon Choker and a pretty Sarasvati’s Dream Bindi), and as always, I am on the hunt for new materials (opal cabochons), new inspirations (oh glorious Radiant Orchid) and setting aside time to experiment with new materials (patinas, anybody?). If you want to get a sneak-peak of what I am up to now and then, join me on my Facebook-Page.

But now, back to the spotlight of this article. The bindis! Back then when my glitter empire was tiny weeny small, they were the first product I ever made for sale. And I am still very much excited about them – to be honest, these tiny sparkling treasures are very very close to my heart.

What is a bindi, anyway?

20140112-WomanTraditionalBindi Aaah, I am happy you are asking. Bindis originate in South East Asia, in India, to be precise. They mark the third eye (the area between the eyebrows) and are a Hindu symbol for protection against evil spirits. Once they were also meant to indicate the martial status of a women, and the red sign between her brow should not only protect her, but also her husband and her family. Traditional bindis are a red dot, either painted on with kumkuma (a powder made of saffron) or vermillion (a mineral powder) – and it takes practise to get the dot perfectly round – or made of felt and glued on.

From a mainly religious motif, the bindi has also become a decorative symbol and a forehead adornment. Modern bindis are self adhesive and made with tiny glass or plastic beads and foil. They come in a variety of forms and styles, some more plain, some more elaborate.

Bindis are also a very comon decoration for American Tribal Style ® and Tribal Fusion dancers. To make these adornments more suitable for the stage, I took the modern approach a step further – using durable foil as a reusable backing, sturdy metal components and only the finest rhinestones to turn them into unique and show stopping jewels with enough sparkle to get rid even of the meanest demons and most evil spirits. Of course they will also hypnotize and enchant your audience while you look all sparkling and pretty, a double win-win, don’t you think?

20140112-ArzoBindiThe gorgeous goddess in the picture above is my dear friend Arzo-Carina Renz who happen not only to be an extraordinary talented Gothic Fusion Bellydancer (go and watch her performing here) but also an amazing bindi-billboard. She is a vivid supporter to my cause of gaining the world dominance by hypnotizing people with sparkles and I am very honored to be her exclusive bindi dealer.

If you want to now more about the anatomy of a bindi check back next week, where I will give you an exclusive peak behind the scenes on how I construct my bindis and also some handy tips about bindi-care.

Love, Natascha



Images used are curtesy of Jason Rosenberg and Le Serpent Blanc

Short and Sweet – Happy New Year!

You are all probably still in digesting coma from the last few days.. I hear you! So while you are still bathing in the last few remains of Holiday Bliss, warm food in your bellies, beautiful memories in your brains, I just wanted to sneak in and threw a “Happy New Year!” to the mix.

20140101-HappyNewYear-640And as I promised to keep it short and sweet, here is what I am up to for next year:

– Revival of my sisterblog, which features my adventures in dance
– Grand opening on my webshop in Spring 2014 – all the purple goodness finally in one place
– A blog post here once a week (oh oh, you heard it, so I have to do it)
– And introduction of the spotlight month!

Spotlight of the Month Series

This year I want to dedicate each month to an aspect of my business. This includes products, colors, inspiration, behind the scenes and so on and so on. And for all of my Peacock People this also means they will get hot insider information on what’s new and special promos throughout the year. Doesn’t that sound sweet?

I decided January to be all about the bindis, as these little sparkling babies where the first products I made for sale and for this reason, they are sort of responsible for the whole shebang that I have now for sale. Who would have thought that these tiny little glittery jewels would emerge into something so huge?


So stay tuned for my next article, which will be published in the same spot next week. Because Wednesday is Peacock Day :-) And if you are eager to see what I am doing in between, join the fun on my Facebook page.

See you next week!


Secret Confessions – 6 reasons why I seriously dislike Christmas

20131225-IceLights(Disclamer: The first part of this post is likely to be very ironic. Some readers might find this post to be offensive, as it may cause nuisance, eggnog nausea or bloating. I strongly recommend for those readers to skip the first part and read the official Christmas Greetings instead. Everybody else: have fun!)

My name is Natascha and I seriously dislike Christmas. Honestly. Really. And I have my reasons, which are all good and legit!

1. The Commercialisation of Christmas

I learned it the hard way: After Christmas is before Christmas. There is no such thing as a “christmas free” time. And while I am putting back my decorations into their boxes, the stores already have the holiday candy for next season on their shelves.
Maybe I might be exaggerating a tiny little bit, but I do think it’s weird that you can buy gingerbread as soon as the end of August, when I am more likely to eat icecream (maybe with gingerbread flavour). But I guess this is just a little sweet reminder brought to you by commerce truly that it is never to early to start worrying about presents for your beloved ones.

2. Presents, Part 1

I do have all these good intentions. “This year I will have ALL my presents in advance. I will order them online, with enough time to make sure they arrive before Christmas.” But in spite of them, I end up on the morning of the 24th standing in line at the crowded checkout at the toy store. I am surrounded by stressed parents and confused grandparents. Because – or of course –  I forgot to order the presents in time on Amazon and when I remembered it, the desired toy was not available anymore. So I wait patiently for the line to move on while I wonder if on a normal day it would have also taken me 90 minutes to find a parking spot in front of the store.
But would you risk to see the uttermost disappointment in the eyes of your offspring, just because the ultimate toy was sold out online? Of course not. After all, this could lead to deep and severe childhood traumata which are very expensive to treat. And who wants to be responsilbe for that?

3. Presents, Part 2

No matter how much effort I put in to find the perfect presents, my dear relatives aren’t half as enthusiastic as I am to find “that sweet gift”. Actually, I am pretty modest. I like money. Or Amazon giftcards. Or a trip to the Carribbean, preferably around Christmas time. And what do I get? Wine glasses. Because “gifting money is so unpersonal!”

4. Presents, Part 4

But the worst thing about presents is to get the right one for your dear relatives. I guess it’s easier to find the Holy Grail or to catch a white whale. Conversations about presents always go something like this: “Hey, what do you want for Christmas?” “Uhm, nothing.” Nothing… don’t ever fall for that trap! Unless you want to look like a complete moron at Christmas.

5. Christmas songs

I love my husband. I really do. But every year around the 1st December something strange happens. He transforms himself into something I call “Anti-Grinch”. He loves Christmas. He bakes Christmas cookies. And he plays Christmas songs ALL THE TIME. He even has a playlist of them – the short version is about 29 hours long. And believe me, once you made it through, you feel like it has been 29 years. And “Last Christmas” by WHAM is only once on that list!

6. Christmas movies

Through December not only my ears get tortured, but I am also visually attacked by all of those glorious Christmas movies. And while I like those quiet and revlective movies like “Die Hard” and “Gremlins”, I have also to endure films like “Home alone”, „The miracle on 34th street” and the Christmas Carol in all variations available. It is almost as cruel as making me watch all Classic StarTrek episodes. My teeth hurt from all the sweetness and kindness dripping out of the screen!

Okay, maybe that’s not the whole truth. I confess that I did enjoy our quiet and small Christmas this year very very much – spending time together beside our little tree was very special. And I was also super proud to attend the nativity play at kindergarden – and in my opinion my offspring played the best sheep ever.

And the best thing? I wasn’t gifted any wine glasses this time…

20131225-ChristmasAnd now for the official part

I want to express a heartfelt thank you and my deepest gratitude to everyone who joined me and Purple peacock on our adventures this year. Thank you so much for your support, for your interest, for your kindness and for your appreciation. I wish you Happy Holidays and a fantastic start into 2014. Without every single one of you, Purple Peacock would not be what it is today.

And as a sign of my gratitude I have decided to end 2013 with a bang. If you want to know what exactly this BANG is, subscribe here to the Peacock Herald, as this will be an ultimate bonus for my faithful subscribers. On Friday you will get all information directly to your inbox, so don’t miss it!.

Looking forward to see you on Friday!



Credit for images used: David Locke and Dennis Hill

Fall/Winter Events & Dates 2013: My Handcrafted Jewelry on the road again!

Fall has officially started in my beautiful part of the hemisphere. I LOVE fall. I love the mystic atmosphere when the fog starts to evolve out of the woods over the meadows, I love it when the leaves start changing their colors and finally fall to the ground, I love the rain, the storms, the wind…

Everything is fresh and clean, and I always get fresh inspiration. My newest collection features the warm golden hue of antique brass and dark red Siam Swarovski® elements: Amelia’s Star


And another reason to love fall: the touring has started again. I love being on the road an meeting my clients face to face. Sometimes it’s a bit lonley in this cozy studio of mine and I am looking forward to see your excited faces and wonder what pretty sparkling treasure you will pick up and take home with you.

Tour Dates Fall / Winter 2013

I am happy and proud to announce to be vending at the following festivals / events:

Tanzkult TTFE Abschluß-Show 2013, 10/13/2013 in Zurich, Switzerland

Equisse d’Orient, 10/26/2013 in Fribourg, Switzerland
Workshops & Gala-Show

Tribal Convention, 11/16/2013 in Nürnberg, Germany
Workshops, Tribal-Basar & various Shows

Orientalischer Basar, 11/24/2013 in Blauen, Switzerland
Basar & Shows

21. Oriental Festival of Europe, 11/30/2013 & 12/01/2013 in Duisburg, Germany
Workshops, Basar, Competition & Shows

I hope to see you soon!



Summer-Update: It’s raining rivolis!

Summer is here! Yay! Or at least it was here. For… uhm… like two days. Well, I don’t want to complain too much, because I want to tell you a secret: I don’t work good under extreme heat. Actually, I like the mild, not too hot temperatures outside, and I love the sound of small raindrops against the window in my studio. It’s cosy, and it sets me into creative mood. And most important of all, my allergies aren’t as bad when it’s raining, because the air is so clean and fresh (no pollen-pollution around!)

So what have I been up to lately? After the Isis-Show I had a bit of a crazy schedule with 3 additional events within four weeks (two of them were even at the same day). So most of the time my studio looked like a dragon had destroyed it. Or a very ill-tempered troll. Or a swarm of mischievous pixies… well, I am sure you can get the picture. On top of that, it was my birthday. I had a lovely day with great presents, a delicious strawberry cake and some time on my own. As much as I love my little offspring, sometimes it’s fun to go shopping on your own, without being tugged around and constantly nagged at “When will we go home? Now? Please?! I’m bored!!!”

Things have slown down a bit, so I took the time and cleaned up the studio and doing a long overdue sorting of my metal components. They are now neatly organized in corresponding trays for antique silver and antique brass. And I put up my necklaces again into the shelf behind me, so i always have beautiful inspiration around.

I also splurged a bit and ordered some new componets. I had my eyes on the beautiful Swarovski® Rivolis for a long time, but never ordered them, as I was a bit intimidated about the pointed backs and how hard or easy they would be to combine with other components. But I found also some beautiful settings to go with them, and then I played a bit with other components I had around. I really love the results the stones give me! They are so beautiful and the antiqued silver metal just brings out the underlying fire of the stones even more!


I created this beautiful necklace I named “Heart of Steel”. It is available for sale at my etsy shop here.

Gothic Necklace Heart of Steel

No money? No problem! My blogging colleague Aquariann is hosting my big Birthday Giveaway where you can win a 50 CHF gift certificate! Visit her here and enter. There are still some days left. Good luck!


Purple Peacock on Tour: ISIS-Show, May 25th, 2013

After many long an sleepless nights and countless creative explosions so unthinkable they left my workplace in utter havoc and chaos it was time for me to load my little treasures into my magical blue vehicle and to begin another adventurous journey. For weeks I had been working like a mad alchemist, sprinkled fairy dust all over my workbench, conjured sparkles and jewels into the most beautiful forms and actually put myself in m o r t a l danger to bring as many beautiful treasures to the ISIS-Show to offer them to the inclined guests. (Okay, I slightly exaggerated on the mortal danger, but I broke my fingernail very painfully). So I left our cottage on Saturday afternoon in the best spirits to explore new, to me unknown territory in this beautiful country some name Switzerland.


Actually, my journey was very unadventurous. I didn’t met any dragons, but many many trolls in their magical vehicles who seemed to be on their journeys, too. I finally arrived at the beautiful location but found out that I could not park the magical vehicle on the entrance, so there was a bit not so magical dragging, sweating and cursing involved before I had finally set up my booth. Besides of my little treasures there were also plenty of other pretty things to see and buy, so the visitors could take a stroll over the bazar to get themselves into the right mood for the show.

I was very delighted to meet Ursula Weiss. She is a lovely and very talented Henna-Enchantress and the owner of I almost could not wait for her to do her beautiful art on my skin, and so I got a wonderful, sparkling peacock on my arm. He is still here today with me and smiles at me while I am writing these words, although I am a little sad that he is fading and will soon leave me – as it is natural and supposed for Henna Art.

Henna Art Ursula Weiss

Many people came by my booth to look at my treasures and to take some of them home with them. I met many lovely faces I hadn’t seen for a while and had a good time reconnecting with old friends. And I was also very pleased to see so many of my “Pretty Peacock People”! I sold the first bindi ever to a male dancer, who instantly wore it for his performance (and if i might say so, I thing the aquamarin colored rhinestones were a perfect match for his blue eyes). A lovely little lady picked a tiny flower bindi and allowed me to put it on her forehead. I also was very touched by the visit of a blind woman and her partner. She picked a pair of earrings after she was carefully examining them with her fingertips and her partner described them to her in detail. I feel very honored that my creation could reach her through these ways.

Thank you so much for everybody who visited me!

And then there were these lovely sisters – I just had to capture them with my enchanted box. Purple Peacock proudly presents: “The Twisted Sisters”!


But even the most beautiful things come to an end, and so I used the time of the second part of the show to reload my magical vehicle again, which was another tedious process. My trustworthy minion had to stay at home to guard our little offspring, so I had to do all the dragging on my own. At least the rain gods had mercy with me, so they quit the strong rain at the time I put my belongings back into the vehicle.

Finally I want to thank Marie-Anne Scherrer of dancestudio ISIS in Berne for organizing this great event. I was not able to see the performance, but the smiling faces of the visitors told me that the show was a full success.

Did you miss me and my pretties? Don’t worry, I am on the road again next Saturday and will vend my sparkling treasures in Ueken at the “Algeria Dance Treff”.

And last but not least a little announcement: June is my birthday month! And I have some special surprises planned for you – because what would a birthday be without presents? If you don’t want to miss a thing, I humbly recommend that you either sign up for my newsletter or follow me on Facebook!


The Pantone®-Files – Spring Color Report 2013 (Pantone®-Mini-Series)

Trends – they come and they go. But who influences trends? Who says what’s in style and what is old fashioned? If you are interested in fahsion at least a tiny bit, you probably may have heard of the “Pantone® Fashion Colors of the Year” somewhere. But anyway, who or what is that Pantone®-thingy anyway?

Pantone® is a company that was founded in the 1950s. It is best known for the Pantone® Matching System (PMS), a color system which defines colors mainly for printing purposes. One of its big advantages is the possibility to exactly produce and represent a variety of special colors, such as metallics and fluorescents.

Their color palettes take inspiration from what is going on on the fashion runways around the globe. The company declares a “color of the year” for every year. In addition, it publishes a “color report” for Spring an Fall each year which features other colors in addition to the “color of the year”.

As you might know by now, I am usually not a big fan of trends – I rather design pieces that are of timeless beauty, than “in” for a second and “out” for the next. But I love the Pantone® “Color Reports” for inspiration – and I think I am somehow a color nut. This year’s spring colors feature a really beautiful palette with pretty neutrals and fresh, vibrant hues.

It’s hard to pick a favourite, but I love Linen, Alloy and Grayed Jade. And although yellow is not really a favourite color of mine, I really like Lemon Zest. I think you can easily build cool color palettes from them for all kind of purposes, like web or graphic design. For ease of use, I have made this little graphic which you can easily open in your favourite image editor to pick the colors from. You can download a large version of this graphic here


In the next part of this mini-series I will feature the “Pantone® Color of the Year 2013″ – Emerald. So stay tuned!

What is your favourite color? Let me know in the comments.


Purple Peacock On Tour: 5th Oriental Dance Festival in Stuttgart

MessestandI have been excited about this event for a long time: A festival near the place I was born and grew up. Since I didn’t know what to expect from the local dance scene, I must admit I was quiet courious about what would expect us there in Stuttgart. So Minion n Me packed up my little treasures and traveled to the capitol of Swabia, aka known as baden-Württemberg to try our luck and present my jewels to the local dancers at the 5th Oriental Dance Festival Stuttgart.

Trustworthy an loyal Minion had already dealt with all the customs formalities a few days before our actual journey, so our trip was quiet relaxed. We visited my parents on Friday and continued our journey early on Saturday morning. The event takes place every year in the same location: The beautiful “Sängerhalle” in Stuttgart, located beautifully near the river Neckar. Shortly after we arrived we were welcomed warmly by the organizers Artemis and Dieter and we started to build our booth almost imediately. Dieter also provided some voltage for us, so I could also install all my lamps to light up my treasures in sparkles and shine – very important to hynotize potential customers!

At ten in the morning the festival officially opened and the first visitors already populated the place. Already through the day the visitors could watch numerous perfomances of many dance-styles. Unfortunately I could not watch all of the performances, because I took part in two workshops with Aepril Schaile.

For me, Aepril is a very special dancer. I met her for the first time in Offenburg 2011 where I also took my first workshop with her. Her fun but also mysterious personality had captivated me since then, and the spell she somehow put on me became even greater when I watched her perform in 2012 for the first time. I was very proud that she chose a bindi from my little treasures to perform with, and I still can remember how beautiful and mysterious the blod red stone sparkeled on her forehead, while everything expect her eyes was covered by a veil.

A big advantage of the loation the festival took place was that you had everything under one roof – workshops, vending and the shows. The rooms where the workshops took place are no dance rooms, so you don’t have a mirror or a special floor, but on the other hand you don’t have to figure out how to get from one location to another. And once you have finished the workshops, you can dive straight back into the other events. On Saturday I visited “Dark Raqs Assaya”, Aepril’s own interpretation of the traditional egyptian cane-dance. We had a bit of a turmoil before we started because there weren’t enough canes available, and you couldn’t buy them at the vending area either (I think this was the first festival where no vendor had canes available). But this problem was solved very quickly, and so we started wit a short warm up and an explanation of some basic cane-moves. I was very grateful for the opportunity to drill these moves a bit, because I never danced with a cane before. Aepril then started to teach us a fun choreography to the song “Sentries and Serpents” by Maduro. Usually I do not participate in workshops that are focused on choreography, because I can not remember the choreography taught anyway and I also made the experience that most teachers are not able to finish the choreography in time. I made an exception for this workshop because I was really interested in the topic, and I was not disappointed: We finished the choreography and I could also get new ideas and impulses for my own dance.

Back at the booth I realized that the preparations for the evening gala were already going on. Aepril visited my booth and again bought two bindis, which she wore on her great performances that night. For me it is always a very special feeling to see people with the things I made. It makes me proud and thankful that I am able to make people happy with my things. I think this is a wonderful and empowering gift. The gala show started a bit late but was jam-packed with performances. The focus was on the “classical” oriental styles, many dancers performed with a great band of various musicians. My personal highlights were of course Aepril’s performances and a really spectacular turning performance by the egyptian dancer Saleh Nagah. And I also got a beautiful henna tattoo from Ursula, owner of

After a short night we were back in action at Sunday morning. Although it was a lot more quiet on Sunday, there were also many beautiful performances at the afternoon show. I attended the second workshop with Aepril – “Theatrical Bellydance”. This workshop was not technique or drill focused, but was more about how to implement the principles of theater and ritual (which itself is the ancestor of all theater) into your own choreography. We used “Archetypes” (like the Witch, the Demon, the Healer, the Warrior etc.) to dance short segments, which pictured the strengths and the weaknesses of each archetype. I was fascinated on how easily dancers of different levels were able to create new and unique things and the three hours of the workshop really seemed to fly by. Back at the booth I could watch the last performances, before Artemis and Dieter officially closed the festival.

Minion and me joined Dieter, Artemis, some performers of the evening show and of course Aepril for dinner before we left for our journey home again. It was a great finale of a wonderful weekend. I have now attended some festivals but I have to admit that the OTF will have a special place in my heart. Dieter and Artemis are wonderful hosts, passionate and dedicated, and it was a pleasure of being part of such a great event. I felt totally at home and am really looking forward to be there again in 2014!

I forgot my camera at home, so I wasn’t able to take pictures. But I have found a video of Aepril’s performance of “The Snow Queen” at Bellyfusions Festival 2010. Enjoy!





springslowers von soekfoto

“Spring flowers” von soekfoto

You may have wondered where I have been the last few weeks or what I was up to. No, I didn’t freeze to death, although Spring is still on delay here (note the irony: we are now on daylight saving time which is called “summer time” here). But at least the first harbingers of spring showed up bravely – beautiful snowdrops, defiant daisies and colorful primroses. A fresh Spring breeze also entered my studio. I visited the wonderful Oriental Dance Festival in Stuttgart where I had a booth and also attended two workshops and I also did a pre-Spring-cean in the studio. I will post more about both topics in the blog soon.

But there is no rest for the restless! I will be vending at the CreaPlus-Springmarket in Mühlau the comming Saturday. All information for this event can be found here. There will be a total of over 50 artists on site who will sell their handmade beauties, so with every purchase you will support local craftsmanship. I really appreciate this rule by the organisation and look forward to present my treasures there.

Maybe you are in the area? I’d love you to come and visit my booth! I wish you lots of beautiful sunbeams for the next weeks.