Welcome to the realm of Purple Peacock!

Welcome to the world of Purple Peacock!

Imagine a world where glamour permeates.

Where treating yourself to little luxuries is the norm.

Where eco-conscious is cool, and high-quality is non-negotiable.

And where everything in your jewelry box is handcrafted, unique & totally you (so you’ll never have to worry about looking “just like that other girl.”)

That’s the world of Purple Peacock.

Purple Peacock is your go-to online shop for beautiful handcrafted Victorian-style jewelry that turns heads & drops jaws.

Inspired by vintage glamour, bohemian style, steampunk culture, gothic couture & more, Purple Peacock’s pieces are both beautiful and unusual (Probably a lot like you).

I specialize in stylish & transformative statement pieces that you can rock everyday, with pride.

Because at Purple Peacock, I believe every woman deserves her daily dose of glamour.

(And because I really, really like shiny things.)

What can you expect from Purple Peacock?

…Extraordinary statement necklaces, rings, bindis, chokers & more, handcrafted with love.

…Sassy, feminine & uber-playful signature pieces infused with oodles of classic vintage charm & romantic flair.

….Earth-friendly jewelry that’s total eye candy (not to mention made with meticulous attention to detail).

…High-quality antiquated metal, beautiful glass and glimmering Swaroskvi crystals that instantly stop the show.

That’s Purple Peacock.

Could your neckline use a little shine?

Check out the shop here.